Message #451 by:  Ben Cutler-Sharp
Posted on:  Monday 10th of March 2003 at 8:20 pm
The number does "loosly" refer to the length in feet(A hobie 16 is nearly 17foot long). Although there are big differences in the design aim and target consumers eg the hobie 15 is more of a school boat big heavy and designed for learners whereas the 21 is more of a sea going big cruiser of a big cat.
On a hobie 16 the main differences betwween the SE and the LE Race are the front and rear beam, trampoline, tiller extension and the rudders. on an LE Race you have integrated traveller tracks on the front and rear beams, which are more durable, easier to use and less prone to sticking and breaking.The Se has either fixed sheeting bocks or external tracks which are prone to ripping off. The trampoline is a mesh version which alows water drain off, dosent stretch so much and is less prone to haveing eyes ripped out compared to the plasticy one on the se race. The tiller extension is a white fibre glass one rather than alloy and dosent bend plus is lighter.And the rudders are stiffer white knight versions which are more responsive than the epo ones which means that the steering is almost bearable! Also the LE Race have better Tiller crossbar fittings which are easier to adjust and stow off the boat.
Overal the LE is a better sail due to being stiffer and more user friendly and will sell for more money when u do come to sell it. If you intend to race at any point the LE is a must! Not many people buy the se of standard versons only schools and hotels to whom performance isnt an issue and price is.
Of the hobie fleet i would recomend the 16 or hobie 18 if you can find sum1 to sail with altho it can be sailed easily singlehanded once you know how or if you cant find a crew then get a hobie 14 or a bigger faster heavier hobie 17 both of which can be fitted with a turbo kit and sailed 2 up.THey are all really durable fun boats to sail.Choice is urs!

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