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Posted on:  Thursday 9th of January 2003 at 11:09 pm
Hi Ian, Thanks for you message and support.
I have just endeavoured to send a rather long ang rambling message, supper intervened, and when I sent it it vanished into orbit. Probably just as well! What it boiled down to was that your club is actually being a tiny bit kind with your handicap of Portsmouth Number (PN)807. Since, certainly 1998, up to the present it has been 802, and I beleive actually since 1996, when the 1000 base numbering started, prior to that it was PN85 (100 based numbers), equiv to PN804 back to certainly to 1998. The H16 is a Primary Yardstick class - means its PN is virtually static. The Vortex, you probably know has a PN of 963.
Therefore you are a lot faster and will have to motor to get the Vortex. However, Portsmouth Yardsticks are surprisingly accurate at evening up fast and slow boats with crews of comparable ability.
You may, or may not know, that corrected times are simply actual elapsed race times converted to seconds, then divided by you PN and multiplied by 1000. The winner is the boat with the shortest corrected time, the loser the longest, everyone else, somewhere in between! So the smaller your PN the tougher your handidicap, and vice versa.
My problem is that because the RYA system depends on receiving club returns for classes, or no PN, the H14's have dropped off the bottom, and on top of that the RYA will not supply historic PN's. I am there trying to collect past years from anywhere I can, which is, in my view the only way for dumped boats to keep on racing, unless of cours a few clubs will include us in their returns again.
Regards, Nick

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