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Message #391 by:  Mark Farrow
Posted on:  Monday 4th of November 2002 at 11:25 am
You ideally want to be as near to the minimum as possible - I think on the 16 if you are a male or mixed crew the minimum weight is 129.5Kg.

If you are any fatter, you just have to push more water out of the way of the hulls - especially down hill.

You will probably want to be a little over the weight limit to be safe though as everyone looses weight when sailing - especially in dry suits. You will need to be up to weight in just shorts & t-shirts with no shoes.

But as the last person said, it is more how you sail than the weight. After all, if you cross the start line 10 seconds late or you go left and it is favoured on the right, you have just lost your advantage.

If you are below weight you will need to cary fixed weight on the boat - I would rather do this than be too fat, however when the wind gets up, you are at a dis-advantage over the heavier guy's uphill, but you will be better off down hill.

Hope that helps.


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