2nd time FX One SCHS (with originator)
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Posted on:  Friday 3rd of May 2002 at 4:41 pm
Dear FX One sailors,

Using the ISAF SCHS computer program if you input data for the FX One without a kite and sailed with only one crew member the program generates a Time Dividing Factor (TDF) of 1.09

If you then include the kite into the calculation and the allowable 5kg of mass for the kite/pole etc a reduced TDF figure of 1.06 is generated.
If you then add a second crew member the TDF figure increases to 1.15

A comprehensive ISAF SCHS catamaran listing is kindly published on the Hurricane 5.9 website and small cats and their respective SCHS data is displayed.

The FX One kite version and the White/Loday Shadow have not yet been added, but hopefully this will happen at the next update.

The performance of the FX One in a variety of conditions iindicates that these TDF's are fairly accurate however other sources recommend a TDF's of 1.04 to 1.07 for the FX One with kite.

I would be interested to know how these handicap ratings were derived at, whether they were allocated at a club level based on a combination of crew experience/boat performance or from another source?

Happy FX One Sailing!

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