Johnoo - Which boat?
Message #1104 by:  Tigerman
Posted on:  Saturday 6th of November 2004 at 1:41 pm
My question is what boat do you sail? And from where?
There are many Hobie's in the range. France and Europe do not have such a problem and the 16 is the only cat to be sailed truly internationally and in big numbers. That is why the rest of the world are sailing them. At the worlds last year entries were closed some months before the event because of such high demand, that was all groups from grand masters down (so not just a kids boat).
To enjoy a boat is it not better to have some pointers/lessons to get more out of it? If sailors are having difficulty why not come to a weekend training and improve there level? This is what the assn are here for, to help all Hobie sailors at what ever level.

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