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Posted on:  Wednesday 2nd of January 2002 at 6:42 pm
I like you wanted some training sails and went to my friend who is a sail maker. He made me a jib for a really good rate and having used it all winter a I am very pleased with its perfomance racing alongside youth squad sailors. If you want to get in touch with him ask for Frank at Rowsell Sails on 01395 263911 in Exmouth, Devon. I have literally just picked up a square top mainsail for my dads Hurricane which has been made to a very high standard. Just get in touch with him and ask him what you want, and he will do that for you. If you want any more details give me an email. Hope this helps.

Ps if you can take the Batterns from your old sails it will cut the bill by a large amount.

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